The Road To Happiness

Role: Creative Director
Client: MTV / Plan Netherlands
Platform: Oculus VR
Software: Unity3d / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe After Effects

Job description: For walk a mile in her shoes me and a team of 10 went to Indonesia to come up with a campaign to create awareness for young woman in Indonesia. As the creative director of this project i came up with the idea of making a virtual reality experience in where the player experiences the life of a young Indonesian woman. After that i created a dynamic scenario with 5 endings and directed those scene’s. When we got back home i created the final product using Unity3d an a Oculus Rift. After that the team used this virtual reality experience in popup stores across The Netherlands to create awareness.

Description: Walk a mile in her shoes is an interactive virtual reality experience in were the player experiences the life of a woman growing up in Indonesia. This project was done in cooperation with MTV and Plan to achieve awareness about the young girl living in Indonesia.

The TV commercial MTV broadcasted for walk a mile in her shoes

A pop-up store at Amsterdam Central Station for walk a mile in her shoes.

Members of the Dutch parliament experiencing the walk a mile in her shoes experience.