Pritt Knutselwereld

Role: Artist
Client: Little Chicken Game Company
Platform: Web
Software: Adobe Flash / 3ds Max / Photoshop

Game description: The ‘Knutselwereld’ is being attacked by ‘Water Monsters’! Itsie, the crafting cosmonaut, is flying in his space shuttle and has to save the inhabitants and defeat the ‘Water Monsters’. When Itsie is on his way to rescue the inhabitants, his rocket is in attacking mode. Itsie is able to absorb ‘Water Monsters’ with the big sponge on the front of his shuttle. Doing this will gain the player some points. But, when the rocket carries inhabitants, it is admissible for attacks by the ‘Water Monsters’. When the shuttle is hit by a ‘Water Monster’, it will lose energy. When the rocket has no energy left, or when the time is up, the game is over. Every time you bring the inhabitants back to the safety zone you will gain some energy, some points and with every 10 drop-offs a time bonus.