Expedition Cognition

Role: Artist / Animator
Client: Little Chicken Game Company
Platform: Web
Software: Unity3d / 3ds Max / Photoshop / Shader Forge

Job description: For this project i did all the 3D artwork, FX and animations.

Game description: Expedition Cognition is a set of games brought together in a user friendly mobile app that tests the user’s cognitive function during the course of a longer period. In the current iteration the in-game data is researched by the Radboud Alzheimer Center. The goal of the research project is to gather a large enough data-set and to analyse this data to see if there is any link between the decline of cognitive skills and the development of alzheimer’s disease.
Expedition Cognition is part of a long term research study. During this time, the game is available as a mobile app only for participants in the study.