Role: CTO / Art Director
Client: OrionGames Inc
Platform: Steam
Software: Unity
Download link: Steam store

Job description: On this game i was the CTO and Art Director at OrionGames Inc. Since it was a small team of less than 10 i oversaw the entire game from the gamedesign itself to the art direction.

Game description: Step into the shoes of a new employee at the “pest control” megacorp known as Invader-Be-Gone, Inc. in the arena-based, action experience, Bashtronaut.
Employee ED-870 is a Junior Eradicator, and he is attempting something that to his knowledge hasn’t been achieved in ten years at the company: get promoted. It’s not that the opportunities aren’t available for employees in the Eradicators Division, it’s just that every single one has died on the job or quit.